Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed the latest technology for crane travel to assist in the economic recovery.

Crane travel has been used in the past by companies to assist with infrastructure repairs, construction and other tasks.

Ms Palaszzczuk said the technology was being developed for Queensland, and was being deployed across the state to assist the economic community.

“Crane travels are incredibly useful for Queensland’s future economic development.

They’re very fast and easy to use, can be very cheap and can help boost the value of our economy,” Ms Palaszipczuk told reporters at a press conference.”

It’s great to see this technology being used across the whole state to support Queenslanders’ economic recovery and our economy.”

She said the province had signed an agreement with a number of private companies to use the technology.

“We’ve been working with some of the largest crane travel companies across the country, to make sure that they get the technology they need,” Ms Palmeraszciuk said.

Ms Palmeraszzciuk announced a package of $20 million for the crane travel industry in the first budget of her premiership.

The Queensland Government has set aside $20m to provide a range of projects, including the development of the new Queensland Economic Recovery Agency, which will be run by the Department of Finance.

“This is going to help us ensure that Queensland is ready to support the Queensland economy in the next five years, and that we are prepared to provide our businesses with the support that they need in order to build a future that is successful for all Queenslanders,” she said.

“This investment will enable Queenslanders to build their future in a way that will benefit all Queensland businesses and their communities.”

Ms Paloszczczuk announced the Queensland Economic Growth Agency would be run entirely by the Queensland Government.

Her government is funding $5 million of the $20.4 million that will be spent to implement the initiative.

The new Queensland Development Authority will be created to provide grants to businesses, build schools and provide services.

“These will help Queensland grow,” Ms Pamboszciuuk said, adding the agency will also create jobs and support Queensland’s regional industries.

“To do this we need to build strong partnerships with the private sector,” she added.

Queensland Premier Annamaria Palasziuk.

(AAP: Luke MacGregor)The State Government is also working to provide $4.2 million in grant funding to the Queensland Development Agency to build schools, create jobs in regional and remote communities and help develop local industries.

Ms Pambocszczak said Queenslanders needed to be optimistic about the future of the economy.

“I’m very excited to see the Queensland economic recovery being brought to a head and it’s something that we can build on, and it will help grow our economy for decades to come,” she told reporters.

Ms Platt was asked whether the government’s commitment to support business investment in Queensland was based on the current level of economic activity.

“What we’ve got to do is to build the economic resilience of our people, to get them back to work, to build good-paying jobs and that’s why I’m absolutely confident that we will see a real boost in our economy in five years’ time,” she replied.

Ms Broughton said Queensland’s Government was in the “final stages of establishing a Queensland Development Fund” to fund the development and development of local industries in the state.

“Queenslanders have a right to expect that the Government of Queensland will provide the right infrastructure, the right services, the skills and the incentives to help our people,” she noted.

“There is no doubt that the Queensland Budget is going forward with the best opportunity to deliver a real economic recovery for Queensland and its people.”

If the Government is to be successful in this Budget, then we are committed to working together to achieve that.

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