The Australian government has just unveiled its latest line of cranes, the flying wall crane.

The Australian Government has just announced its latest set of crane travel apps for passengers, who will be able to connect with their cranes in real time.

The Australian Cranes, which were introduced to Australia last year, allow passengers to schedule flights, book accommodation and access services online, as well as make appointments.

But the new app, which will be available to all passengers by June 1, is different from the previous ones.

The new app will include live footage of the crane, and lets passengers access their crone at any time, according to a statement from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

“The flying wall cranes will be a great tool for travellers to experience the thrill of flying over a crone in real-time.

It will be even more convenient for people who do not wish to fly on their own.”

A flying wall is a cranes wing that connects with the airship.

It is typically used in remote areas to fly over cliff tops, but is also used for other tasks, including helicopter operations.

The flyingwall crane is a large crane that can be used to climb up to 30 metres and lift large loads.

In Australia, there are two types of flying wall: a “traditional” one, which is used for large cargo, and a “flip” crane, which can be mounted on a flying ship or a crane.

Crane travel will be the main mode of transport for passengers in Australia, according the statement.

The app will be free to download, but there will be costs for the ability to access it.

The price for the first two weeks will be $3.99, and the cost for the final two weeks, which includes access to the app, will be only $1.99.

A $2.99 fee will be charged for the app once the app is officially released to the public, and will apply to all other apps including the “flying wall crane”, “traveller’s crone”, and “touring cranes”.

The government is also looking at allowing passengers to connect to the flying crane via the internet, but this is currently a work in progress.

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