A crane that was meant to help a crane-driving team get to their job site in the United States is now stuck in the snow, according to a tweet from the United Kingdom’s BBC.

The BBC tweeted Wednesday that it received a report that a crane in the area had broken down and was now stuck on a snowy road in the town of Kempton, in Norfolk, Virginia.

The crane, named The Crane, was meant for a company called Cric, according the BBC.

Kemptons owner, Joe Ziebell, told the BBC that his company had planned to move the crane to the Kemptonia airport in order to get it to the airport on time.

Ziebel said he would not be able to move it to a new site, according.

“We’ve had a crane that has broken down here in Kemptown, and it is now trapped in the road,” Ziebert said.

The video, posted by Kemptonian, shows the crane slowly moving away from the road.


(AP) A crane, which was meant only to help crane-drivers, has crashed and is stuck on an icy road in Kentucky.

A man who filmed the accident tweeted Wednesday afternoon that the crane was stopped in a snowstorm near Kemption, Virginia, after the operator was not able to get the crane on the road in time.

The man who recorded the video, who was also the operator of the crane, said he had no idea what caused the crane breaking down.

The crash was the latest accident for crane operators in recent months, including one in May that killed two people and injured at least 12 others.

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