The world’s first travelling crane was invented by a man in 1879 in Australia, but the concept of the motor-driven device is still a mystery.

In a move to save money, the National Archives of Australia, Sydney, will open a public viewing of the machine, which is now a museum exhibit.

It’s part of a new partnership between the museum and the Australian Museum of Technology, with an aim to show the power of technology and the ingenuity of Australian inventors.

The machine, known as a crane travelling motor or crane travelling mechanism, was originally invented in the 1880s by the then Australian engineer and engineer-in-residence Joseph A. Ritchie.

It was built for the Australian railway and eventually moved to the United States, where it was used for freight transportation of the first coal trains, as well as to haul coal.

It became one of the most successful inventions in Australia’s railway industry, according to the Australian National Archives.

It used steam to move the shafts of the locomotive and the carriage.

Rigs used the power from the locomotives wheels to rotate the wheels of the crane.

A crane travelling machine.

The crane moving mechanism used in the National Gallery of Australia was designed by the engineer Joseph Ritchie and was originally used for the railway.

The National Archives and the National Maritime Museum in Hobart, Australia, use the same crane for exhibitions.

The two museums are collaborating on a project to use the crane moving machine to demonstrate the power and ingenuity of Australia’s inventors in the 21st century.

“This was the first modern railway carriage that operated from a power-driven system,” curator of technology, Dr John O’Connor, told

“It was very important to demonstrate that the power was there and that you could use it effectively to haul cargo, and that there was a way of transporting it in the modern era.”

Dr O’Connors project involves a collaboration between the Australian Railway Museum, the Australian Maritime Museum and the Sydney Museum.

The project includes an exhibition of the original locomotive, which was found in Australia in 1922.

The railway engineer and his brother, Joseph A, had travelled to the US in 1888 and made their way to New York.

The brothers later travelled to Australia, where they took the crane, the first in the world, with them.

The engine of the carriage is a single-cylinder, steam-driven locomotive.

The carriage is one of a number of examples of steam locomotors that have survived from the Victorian era.

The Victorian era, which ended in 1888, was marked by an explosion of innovation in the rail industry.

“In Victorian times, we used steam and steam powered locomotions, and we would get our coal from the mines, so that was the main thing,” said Dr O’tconnor.

“We used a diesel engine to power the locomotion and it was a very heavy locomotive.”

The steam locomotive is used for long distances.

In 1882, the American inventor, Thomas Jefferson, built a steam locomotor, the Continental, that was designed to travel at a speed of 12 kilometres per hour (7.6 miles per hour).

The first locomotive built in Australia was the steam-powered locomotive of the Sydney and Melbourne Railway.

The Melbourne and Sydney Railway was the second-largest railway in the country, and operated between 1892 and 1908.

“The steam locomotion of the Melbourne and NSWR Railway, also known as the Melbourne &Sydney Railway, is one that has survived to the present day,” Dr O’sConnor said.

“So there is an interesting story of the railway system that was established by a couple of men and that has continued to operate since then.”

The Sydney &Syracuse Railway, which operated from 1888 to 1909, is an example of the steam locomobile.

The steam-engine and carriage were used for a number different uses, including transporting coal to the coal mines and carrying coal from one mine to another.

The locomotive was also used to transport people from one coal mine to a factory or manufacturing facility, and to carry cargo.

The Sydney and Sydney Railroad is one example of a locomotive powered by steam.

The first Australian railway car in use.

The Australian Railway and Sydney Museum are using the crane-moving mechanism to show how people have travelled the globe using modern technology.

Dr O’mconnor said the museum’s project to open the public view of the new exhibit will allow visitors to understand the power that people used to have to use technology to move things around.

“People are so interested in their technology that they’re willing to do anything to use it,” he said.

The exhibit is scheduled to open on November 8, and it will feature an exhibition on the use of technology in the 20th century.

For more information, visit the museum.


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