By Matt Becker September 22, 2018 5:24:04 The Crane Travel drives is a small, but popular, crane service in the Bay Area.

But they are also a source of frustration for a number of Bay Area residents, who complain about the noise they hear and the price they pay for the service.

Crowds of people lined up in front of the Crane Travel Drive in the middle of the night, waiting for the crane to load a trailer.

“We’re just hoping the company can come in and fix this problem,” said one resident who gave his name only as “B.”

“I don’t understand how anyone could pay $3,000 to get a crane that is just going to go around and take up all our space.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said, “I’ve lived here all my life.

I know it’s a real issue.

I don’t want to see it go on.

It’s a problem with the crane and the crane owners.”

The Crane Travel drive is located in the foothills of the San Francisco Bay and has operated since 2011.

The crane’s name comes from the West Point tradition of bringing down a “Crazy Horse” during World War II to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory of the United States over Japan.

It’s not just the sound of the crane that’s annoying, said another resident who asked not to be identified.

“[I] don’t like the sound because it’s loud,” she said.

“It sounds like the people are yelling.

The noise is making it hard to sleep at night.”

B and her husband live in the neighborhood where the crane was set up.

The couple moved into their home in 2017 and have been trying to convince Crane Travel to move the crane out of their home, and even to change the name of the service to a better alternative.

She said that after a month of trying, the company finally said they would give the company a chance to improve the noise.

B said that the noise was unbearable.

This is not the first time that Crane Travel has made noise complaints about the company.

Last year, Crane Travel sent a letter to Bay Area community members complaining about a noisy sound from a crane in the area.

A spokesperson for Crane Travel said in a statement that the company was working on a new location and that the city of San Francisco had been in touch with Crane Travel for more than two years to help them.

On its website, Crane offers the following: “We know it is challenging to operate a crane, but we want to do everything we can to provide a great service to our customers, neighbors, and the surrounding communities.”

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