A crane operator in Alabama has created a tool that makes it easy to see the world.

On his Twitter account, crane traveler Jim Fricke created the Crane Travel App, a tool to bring you to the most amazing places in the world on your crane.

It’s called “The Crane Travel Guide,” and it’s currently available on the App Store for $0.99.

You can take a tour of every continent, from Antarctica to the Caribbean, and the app will let you search for specific crane sites on Google Maps.

And if you need help, Frickel says you can ask him for directions and he’ll help.

The Crane Tour Guide is pretty handy.

Here’s how you can use it.

The app is simple to use.

You just need to head over to the Crane Tourist app and click on “Get Directions.”

Then you’ll get a map that lets you zoom in on specific sites.

You can also just hit “Get Info.”

You can search for a specific crane site by heading over to its location and selecting “Search for crane.”

You can even enter a location in Google Maps to get directions.

The app also lets you save the directions to your phone and send them to Frickes, who will then make sure the app is updated.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to get information on a crane from people that are already in the industry and people that might not have access to that information,” Fricks said.

“So you’re going to be seeing something that is going to surprise people.”

It’s not just about the fun of the experience.

It also allows you to learn something new about crane technology, Frys said.

If you know a crane operator, you can actually see the equipment they use and how it works.

Frickens added that it’s not a “show the crane” type of thing.

“You can really show a crane and see it in a different light than just a regular crane,” he said.

The website is also an education tool.

Frys explained that the app isn’t just for “people who want to know about crane equipment.”

“The people that come to the site are going to learn a little bit more about it than a regular person,” he explained.

You’ll be able search for crane sites in a variety of categories, including:Construction, Industrial, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

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