A crane motor that can travel the length of a house in just a few minutes is the world’s biggest, and it’s powered by an engine that is capable of lifting 2.3 million pounds.

This was achieved by combining two motors to create a “robot crane,” the same one that was previously used to lift the entire World Trade Center.

“This is the biggest, fastest, and most efficient crane ever built,” David Siegel, CEO of GE Robotics, said in a statement.

“The crane motor is also able to drive a vertical beam of up to 10 feet tall, a crane that can be driven for over two hours, and a new generation of robotic arms that can move at speeds of up 20 miles per hour.”

GE is also working on a prototype of a new version of the crane that is more compact, and can lift an entire home in three minutes.

The crane motor, which can lift the same amount of weight as a conventional power plant, is designed to work in confined spaces, such as warehouses and schools, and to be powered by battery packs.

The company said it’s working with companies to get the crane off the ground as soon as possible.

The robot crane was designed by GE and designed by New Zealand’s CraniMech.

The prototype, which has been in testing for the past year, can lift up to 12,000 pounds and travel for up to 40 miles per day.

The motor will eventually be able to lift up 20,000 lbs.

GE said the crane can also carry large vehicles and lift equipment that weighs up to 25 tons.

The firm said it has a strong partnership with the government of Japan to help the project achieve its goal.

“GE has a long-standing relationship with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and we are committed to building a world-class crane,” GE said.

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