Tighter regulations on flights and flights crews have a way of catching the attention of the aviation industry.

Now, a new crane in the sky is taking up some of that slack.

Crow, a small aircraft company based in Australia, has made a series of small planes available for use by the general aviation community.

A crane is a tall crane that’s meant to be used to lift heavy loads or to haul cargo.

The company says the company uses a “rigid crane” that can support up to 500kg (1,300lb) weight.

The crane is currently being used by a group of young Australians for a flight from Sydney to Canberra.

The group is making the trip to help with a local earthquake relief fund, Crow says.

“We had this plane here, and it was so much fun,” one of the passengers told the ABC.

“We were able to fly the whole way.

It was super fun.”

The group is using the aircraft to travel from Sydney, to Canberra and back, taking off on Monday and landing on Wednesday.

Creeper said the company wanted to use the crane because it’s cheap and the equipment is up-to-date.

“There’s no reason to buy an expensive, heavy-duty crane, especially for just this kind of purpose,” he said.

Creek has developed an airtight, airtight structure to hold the crane.

The crew can be removed and the crane is then lowered back into the air and reused.

“The whole process of removing the crew is fairly simple,” Crow said.

“You just grab it by the tail, pull it up into the vertical position, lift it up, and then you’re back in the air.”

The company has been testing the crane for the past two months, and the first flight is scheduled for November.

“It’s been a lot of fun and a lot more than we expected to be able to do, to actually use it,” Crow told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s very exciting.”

Crow hopes the crane will be used in other communities in Australia.

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