The crane travelling machine is a crane that can travel through tunnels and is able to lift loads from a small trailer.

It has been developed by British company BAE Systems for use in the United Kingdom.

The crane is capable of lifting up to a load of 10 tonnes.

The company says the crane is able do the job of four cars in a city.

However, the crane has a limited range of motion and must be placed in a tight space.

The team has used a special camera system to capture the movement of the crane.

It was able to create a 360-degree panoramic view of the tunnel.

This was then used to build the crane hoisting motor, which can lift a load up to 10 tonnes to a height of 20 metres.

In the video below, the motor is driven by a motor servo and then the servo can be used to lift a payload of 10.5 tonnes.BAE Systems said in a statement:The new crane motor can lift from up to 20 metres (65 feet) and has a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour (15 mph).

The company said the motor’s motor can operate up to 40 metres (125 feet) in a horizontal direction.

The motor’s lifting capacity can be increased to 80 metres (230 feet) using a belt and is also able to reach speeds of up to 140 metres (320 feet).

The crane travelling crane has been tested in Dubai and is capable to lift 1,000 tonnes.

It was also used in a successful test of a new aerial crane at the UK’s Port of Dover in 2013.

Boeing said the new crane would help boost productivity in the UK, with a number of jobs at the port already being moved to other factories.

Brent Jones.BJ headlineLetter in response to this article:Climb travelling crane makes sense for UK in case of disaster article The Letter in response read:There is no reason why the crane travelling motors should not also be used in case a crane collapses.

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