Cranes are known to travel at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

Now, a new study says they can travel speeds of more than 30 miles per second.

CBS News traveled to a crane speed lab in California and found that the speed of the crane is controlled by a set of sensors that work in concert with its wheels.

But how fast can a crane travel?

The scientists say the speed limit for the crane depends on the number of people on the crane.

The maximum speed of a crane is measured in millimeters per second or MPS.

The MPS is a measure of how fast a force, such as the force of gravity, is pushing on the wheel.

For example, if a car is accelerating and the brakes are applied, the car will speed up.

The speed of an object that’s moving at a constant speed is called the gravitational constant.

The scientists used the MPS as a measurement of the speed that the crane travels.

The researchers also measured the Mps in different locations around the crane in order to get a sense of how far away the crane could travel.

This gave them a sense that the total distance the crane can travel is the maximum possible distance it can travel, the researchers say.

They then ran computer simulations to find out how fast the crane would travel in different areas around the rig.

They found that when there were fewer people around, the crane moved more slowly.

But when there was more people around the time the crane was moving, the speed the crane traveled was much faster.

When there was a lot of people around when the crane stopped moving, it moved much faster, and the researchers then found that there was no relationship between the speed at which the crane moves and the amount of people nearby.

The slowest speeds that a crane can move are around the clock, when the people are not around.

They calculated that if you have more people nearby when the engine stops, the rate at which it moves increases.

The team’s work will help in designing safer, faster-moving crane systems that could help keep the rig stable and to avoid injuries to people on its side.

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