A crane has travelled to a remote area of northern New South Wales to train on its skills, with the crane having to be transported to a local airport and then flown back to the area to return to the road.

Key points:The crane was being used by an industrial site to install a lift system that can transport up to 100 tonsA crane has been used by the WA Government to train workers to safely operate a crane, it saidThe crane has flown into the city of Goulburn to train for the jobThe crane will be used for a commercial project in the cityThe crane is being flown to the remote area in northern New England, in a training program for commercial crane operators.

The crane arrived in Goulburg this morning from Port Augusta in the state’s south-west, where the site has been working to install its new crane to move a long-distance trailer.

It will be taken to the site by helicopter and will be transported by crane to the airport, where it will then be flown back by helicopter to Goulburgh.

The State Government said the crane would be used to train crane operators to safely work on the long haul, with workers flying in from the nearby town of Gourd in the north-east to take part.

The operation, which was approved by the State Government’s Commercial Operations Department, will take about three weeks to complete, the State Opposition said.

“The Government is looking at training crane operators for commercial projects on the road to build a new interstate highway,” Opposition spokesman for the Western Australia Premier, Matt Canavan, said.

Mr Canavan said the Government was concerned about the impact the crane’s return would have on rural communities.

“This will not only cost the State hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure but the local community, which is reliant on the tourism economy, the tourism industry, the mining industry, as well as many of the workers who will be doing this work,” he said.

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