A cruise ship is in a legally untenable position to halt people from using its crane motors to haul cargo on a trip, a federal judge ruled Monday.

The Coast Guard has the authority to prevent people from leaving the coast of Virginia from driving a motorboat into the sea, Judge David Tatel of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled.

Tatel’s ruling is expected to be appealed.

The cruise line and the cruise operator, Carnival Corp., have asked the judge to halt the ruling and allow them to appeal the ruling.

The decision comes as a number of states are seeking to restrict or even ban the use of motorboats by tourists, saying they can be dangerous.

In Virginia, a judge in October ruled that a motor boat that carries passengers on its belly cannot be used to move people from a boat in the sea.

The judge also ruled that people cannot use the motorboats to drive themselves to other destinations.

Tailoring the rules of the road, the Virginia Supreme Court agreed and the court has since issued an order saying the cruise ship operator has no authority to stop anyone from using the motorboat to transport goods.

“A cruise ship’s sole purpose is to haul passengers and cargo across the ocean to their destinations,” the ruling said.

“The use of the cruise line’s motorboats is not a lawful means to accomplish that mission.”

Carnival’s attorney, Robert Meehan, said in a statement that the company is reviewing the ruling “in light of the court’s decision and we look forward to moving forward in our legal fight.”

In its response, Carnival wrote that it has a long-standing policy that no one is permitted to drive a motor vessel, and it “does not intend to stop any passengers from taking advantage of the system” as a means of transportation.

The court order comes as the U and European Union have been negotiating a trade deal.

In a statement, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said she was “appalled” by the ruling in the cruise case and the fact that the U.-U.S.-European trade agreement has not been ratified yet.

In response, the U., which owns the ships, said it “will take action to comply with the court ruling if required.”

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