A crane collapsed in Winnipeg and is causing major damage to buildings.

The crane in question is part of the company that manages the city’s airport.

“They just pulled it out and now we’re looking at a very significant amount of structural damage,” said Mike Matson, president of Matson Construction.

He said he and his team of more than 40 are working to fix the damaged crane, which has now been moved to a nearby garage.

“It’s been the most significant incident in the history of the city,” Matson said.

“We have a lot of work to do on it and it’s going to take some time to repair it.”

Matson’s company is working with the City of Winnipeg to repair the damage to the crane.

“Obviously, we’re going to have to put some of the structural work on the ground to ensure that it’s stable,” he said.

He says that means a “touristy” approach.

“Right now, we don’t have the time to go out and do the work,” Mitzers said.

Matson says he has also put up a “no trespassing” sign along the waterfront.

“There’s no trespassing at all,” he told CBC News.

A crane is part-way through a structural repair at the airport, where a crane is being used to clear the way for a new runway. “

This has been an ongoing project and we’re in the process of getting it done.”

A crane is part-way through a structural repair at the airport, where a crane is being used to clear the way for a new runway.

Mitzing says the crane was not part of a regular schedule.

Muthill Construction is the owner of MTS, a company that provides maintenance and safety for the Winnipeg airport.

MTS is currently in talks with the city about the crane’s repair.

MATHERS SAY THEY ARE WORKING ON IT ‘WHILE WE’RE IN THE PROCESS’ MATHILL construction is one of several companies that have been involved in a major crane collapse in Winnipeg in recent years.

In 2012, a major collision involving two separate cranes at the Winnipeg Airport caused a major accident, leading to an evacuation of the facility and the deaths of five people.

The city shut down the airport for three months, and workers were required to wear protective gear as they worked to restore power to the facility.

Mathy said the company was not aware of any major accidents with its crane.

MATTERS CABLES MATHIES CABES, a firm that handles the crane work at the Canadian Tire Centre, said it is not aware that a crane at the centre had collapsed.

“Unfortunately, there is no word on any incidents with the crane,” said spokeswoman Anne-Marie O’Connell.

“The crane was inspected for structural issues prior to the closure of the site, and as a result, we believe that it is safe to proceed.”

O’Meara said it was not yet clear if the crane would remain in place.

“As of this moment, the crane is in the safe hands of MATHI Construction,” she said.

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