Travelling gantry cranes have been used to carry out emergency transport and repair work in some of Ireland’s most remote regions, such as the north of Donegal and the Derry-Kilkenny region.

The crane was used on the Dingle Valley, near Derry, in March when a power outage caused the local hospital to shut down.

It was also used in the area of Fingal in Donegal in March after the local fire brigade said it was needed to get the fire under control.

The blue crane travel has been used for work around Dingle and Fingals regions, including in the county’s Fingaly area.

It has been able to carry about 1,300 tonnes of equipment, including two generators, four excavators, three trucks, and one crane.

The Blue crane’s operator, Paul Byrne, said it has been a long time coming, having started work in 2007 and being “unable to do much work since”.

Mr Byrne said that since the company was created more than two years ago, the company has grown to more than 2,000 people and is working on a new facility in Doneglare.

“The community have been really supportive of our work and have been very supportive of the job we are doing,” he said.

Mr Byrne added that the company’s operators were looking forward to continuing their work.””

They are the ones that are paying the bill and the government is paying the bills.”

Mr Byrne added that the company’s operators were looking forward to continuing their work.

“We are really pleased with the response from the community and we are excited that we are going to continue working in this area,” he added.

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