Rt travel has become a popular camera option for travelers, especially those with limited travel space.

And now, the company is adding a camera to that list.

The RtCramper is a compact camera that attaches to your bag, and will provide the same functionality as its larger sibling, the RtCamper.

It’s a good option for a first time traveler who needs a quick way to snap a photo while traveling without carrying a camera bag.

While the Rcramper isn’t as light as the Rcamper or Rt Camper, it’s still a compact option for those who want a quick camera that doesn’t have to be bulky.

And since the camera is waterproof, it will work well with your phone or tablet as well.

The camera comes with two zoom levels, zoom modes, and a built-in flash.

The company says the RCamper will be available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe in March.

The other cameras are still in development, so it’s not clear when the camera will be released in other countries.

The pocket-size camera is priced at $199.99 and is compatible with the HTC One, LG V20, LG G6, and OnePlus One smartphones.

The smartphone that the camera fits into is the OnePlus 3, and it will be the first smartphone to be compatible with Rcrams.

There’s also a version for the LG G5, LG One M8, LG P9, and Samsung Galaxy S7.

The cameras also come with support for high-resolution capture, so you can capture the perfect selfie with a big camera and a tiny lens.

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