With the new tunnel already under construction, the CrossRail 2 crossing is set to go ahead.

It’s the most expensive rail link in the UK, with a total of £3.7bn ($4.6bn) planned.

The project is due to be completed by 2020, with the main section to be built in 2024.

The crossrail project is a major undertaking that will see the creation of more than 30,000 new jobs and boost the economy.

It is expected to take about six years to complete.

It’s the first time the project has faced a major roadblock, with plans to halt construction in 2019 after a public outcry.

We are confident that we can continue to make progress with the new crossing at the earliest opportunity, said the CrossProject Team at the announcement.

The company behind the project, Crossrail, said it would take several weeks to complete the crossing.

“The work is taking place in a timely manner, with crossrail work continuing in the east of the tunnel and the tunnel being finished by mid-2019,” said a spokesperson.

The spokesperson added that Crossrail had “taken a very rigorous approach” in building the crossing, which will have a capacity of 6.8 million passengers a day.

It is also expected that the crossing will be able to accommodate the new Crossrail 1 and Crossrail2 trains.

Crossrail has already built a new tunnel under the river Thames, and is working on building a new crossing in Liverpool.

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