On the way to the crane’s base, the crane must take a few turns to get into position, and when it does, it must not be able take a sudden dive or hit a piece of machinery. 

The crane must be positioned so that the crane can travel through the narrow passageway with the passageways being separated from the main road by several feet.

The crane’s driver must also keep his or her eyes on the road ahead, so that a quick turn can be made to the side or to the other side of the road, to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

Climbers will be able also to operate from the front of the crane, to get the crane on its wheels and to get a good angle of view.

But what if I am not a crane driver? 

For those who are not crane drivers, the operator of the Crane is responsible for all the safety measures that are required for safety and security.

The operator must ensure that the safety of the operator is maintained.

It is important that the operator knows the crane is safe to operate, but this does not mean that the Operator will be responsible for any accidents that occur.

In the event of a collision, the Operator is also responsible for taking all necessary measures to avoid any injuries to others.

If there is a crane failure, the accident is not reported to the Police and the Operator may be prosecuted.

How will the crane move?

The operator of a crane will not move the crane in a straight line.

Rather, the speed at which the crane moves is dependent on the amount of lift it needs to lift.

When the crane takes a break, it will stop to rest or to change equipment.

On the way home, the owner of the vehicle must also take some time to check the crane.

What happens if there is an accident? 

The operator must immediately report the accident to the Safety and Control Department.

The Operator may then be asked to leave the crane and be replaced by another operator.

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